The Enduring Fallacies of American Liberalism

Public life in the United States is continually shaped (and continually perverted) by the "conflict" that supposedly blazes between liberals and conservatives, between those who imagine themselves to be on the "left" and those who imagine themselves to be on the "right." In truth, of course, there is not much difference between the two sides (both sides being guided by faulty reasoning and threadbare delusions), but liberals, in particular, appear to thrive on the false disputes that effectively separate one half of America from the other.

Most American liberals are happily dedicated to following a self-satisfied way of life, subscribing to a collective outlook that carefully avoids any hint of contamination by untoward verities. They read The New York Times and The New Yorker. They watch PBS and MSNBC, and listen to NPR. They vote for any Democrat who happens to be running at any given time. They eat organic food, practice yoga and mindfulness, promote "green energy," travel to third-world countries, and offer mild sentiments in favor of peace. They espouse equality, tolerance, and diversity, and pride themselves on being open-minded. In short, they are utter hypocrites.

They generally are affluent (or, if not, are actively seeking to be so), and display no shame or regret at being far more comfortable than millions of other people. They tend to be highly educated, believing that holding a marketable degree is the key to achieving a life of wealth and luxury. They are attentive in regard to worldly matters, with money and security as their main priorities. They do, when pressed, express a middling concern for the unseemly plight of those who are deprived, but they refuse to abandon their acceptance of capitalism, thereby ensuring that current patterns of widespread poverty will continue without hindrance.

They become slightly uneasy when America openly engages in the killing of civilians in foreign lands, but they are loath to take a firm stand against America's wars. They are adamant in maintaining their faith in the United States as, essentially, a "good" nation. They steadfastly dismiss the many offenses against humanity that America has regularly committed throughout its history, choosing to view such acts as rare deviations which are not, in any way, representative of the "true" America. They are hopelessly resolute in their support of this fantasy, and no amount of knowledge or information can induce them to question or relinquish it.

For American liberals, the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States was a gift from the gods. With Donald Trump as their President, ungraciously showing himself to be a total blockhead at every turn, liberals need do no more than frequently excoriate him to feel good about themselves. His temerity allows them an opportunity to wallow in the enduring fallacies of American liberalism. Whatever will they do when Donald Trump no longer is their leader, and no longer provides them with a daily supply of bounteous inspiration for their narrow animosity?