Happy New Year?

When December gives way to January, and the end of one year leads to the beginning of another, people always voice the usual hopes and make the usual resolutions. Every year brings a new promise of bold progress in human affairs, but that promise is rarely fulfilled. It seems that, year after year, the human condition sinks deeper into war, greed, deprivation, suffering, and falsehood.

If this malign pattern is ever to change, each of us must embrace a more active view of the world. Instead of merely looking to our so-called leaders, who are concerned only with serving the evil interests of their corporate masters, we must look to ourselves. The common decisions that fill our daily lives, decisions that too frequently are made without any thought, have a much greater effect on our own future, and on the future of mankind, than the outcome of any election.

Every minute of every day, every person makes a choice: to be kind or to be unkind, to be unselfish or to be selfish, to be honest or to be dishonest, to be thoughtful or to be thoughtless, to be aware or to be unaware, to be peaceable or to be violent. Everyday, every person chooses, in their own life and in dozens of ways, either to mutely accept the world in its current state, or to stand up and speak out in favor of a better world.

Each of us chooses, whether knowingly or unknowingly, to live either a life of weakness and compliance or a life of firmness and resistance. The choice can be made one way or the other, but revolutions of the mind and the spirit do not result from choosing the easy way.