The Grievous and Unforgivable Sins of Our Leaders

Most of the evil in our world can be traced, directly or indirectly, to the actions of those who hold authority and leadership. The grievous and unforgivable sins of our leaders have deeply stained the history of humanity. The policies and decisions of presidents, prime ministers, generals, and corporate executives result in a much greater degree of harm and hardship to humanity than any wicked deed that is carried out by any common criminal. The worst violations, by far, are the ones that happen behind the closed doors of public institutions, where every foul intention is shaped by avarice and enlarged by power.

As a private citizen, I am appalled by the continual wrongdoing of leaders in the political, military, and business realms. They constantly seek to maintain their oppressive control over worldly matters, abusing mankind and polluting our planet as they pursue their own selfish ambitions. They appear to take pleasure in being liars, thieves, and deceivers, promoting their corrupt interests at the expense of honest workers. They allow children to starve, while enriching themselves and living as if they were royalty. Their greed and their arrogance is boundless.

I feel unreserved repugnance toward bellicose leaders who are without any shred of honesty or principle, whose every utterance is a bold affront to truth and reason. They have no pity and no shame, waging their self-serving wars whenever and wherever it suits them, callously sending bombs and missiles into civilian regions. They always claim to be acting justly, but they show no compunction in regard to killing and maiming defenseless people.

If there is ever a universal day of freedom and atonement, a day when the vile burdens of fear, violence, and inequality are finally banished forever, I hope to see the loathsome creators of war and poverty marked out for extreme mortification. I long to see them reduced in stature, pulled down from their vainglorious heights and stripped of their false honor. I would rejoice in seeing all so-called leaders humbled, deprived of their wealth and their esteem, and called to account by their fellow human beings.