Israel Will Never Be a Partner in Peace

In the summer of 2010, President Barack Obama, after having a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, declared that "the bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable." President Obama, probably without ever intending to do so, actually was expressing one of the primary reasons for the endless conflict in the Middle East. The leaders of Israel, a villainous state that has continually proven itself to be without any framework of morality, are aware that no matter how murderously wrong their policies might be, they always can depend on blind support from the United States. Israel clearly has no desire to be a partner in peace.

President Obama also said, "I believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu wants peace." Mr. Obama was entirely incorrect in that belief. Benjamin Netanyahu, throughout his many years as a public figure, has never given the least sign that he is serious about bringing peace to the Middle East. He has a long (and well-known) history of contentiousness, bellicosity, and dishonesty, particularly in regard to the rights and the welfare of the Palestinian people, and it is extremely unlikely that he would ever be inclined to pursue any policy that might result in a peaceful outcome. He has repeatedly shown himself to be a thoroughly deceitful character, completely unworthy of trust.

Aside from Mr. Netanyahu himself, most citizens of Israel seem generally ill-disposed toward the pursuit of any policy that would require them to be anything other than selfish and heartless. They appear to believe that their own one-sided concerns as a nation must always be granted precedence over all other considerations. In a world of strife and misery, the ruthless violence of Israel, particularly the savage war that Israel chose to wage against Palestinian civilians in Gaza during January, 2009 ( a war that was openly endorsed by nearly all Israeli citizens), stands out as unusually evil. Given the intolerable continuation of such barbaric conditions, it is hardly surprising that a certain number of Palestinians seek to escape from their desperate plight by wrongly resorting to violent extremes.

It cannot be denied that the malicious actions of Israel are a grim affront to all principles of fairness. The starkly inescapable truth is that the mere existence of Israel constitutes an ongoing offense against the former inhabitants of Palestine, who were brutally forced out of their rightful homeland by Zionists in 1947. As long as the state of Israel maintains its current borders, and is allowed to hold itself above the common laws of humankind, there will never be any hope of achieving a lasting peace in the Middle East. Unless the full rights of the Palestinian people are acknowledged and honored, the hideous cycle of hate, revenge, and bloodshed will never cease.