Obama's War in Afghanistan

When Barack Obama, speaking as President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief, announced in March, 2009, that he would be sending more American troops to Afghanistan, he borrowed one of the specious justifications used six years earlier by George W. Bush as a means of promoting the war in Iraq. President Obama, leading America toward the same pit of deceitful foulness into which it frequently had fallen in the past, stated that American troops were being sent to fight against "the terrorists who planned and supported the 9/11 attacks."

President Obama was able to speak those words boldly, with the certain knowledge that most Americans are generally inclined to support any policy of violence that is directed against their "enemies," even if the enemies in question happen to be defenseless civilians, including women and children. He knew that most Americans, always being prone to extreme skittishness, would be easy marks for his alarmist trickery. He knew that most Americans are guided by fear, not by reason.

The decision to send more troops to Afghanistan was both wrong and foolish. Using the false threat of the Taliban and al Qaeda as a justification, as President Obama has repeatedly done, only makes it worse. The war in Afghanistan is a waste of human life and a waste of money. It is a war of dishonesty and dishonor. President Obama appears to be recklessly bent on following the same path of bullheaded madness that was taken by George W. Bush in Iraq, pretending to shield the people of America from acts of "terrorism" by pursuing an evil policy of bloodshed and destruction.

The liberal hypocrites of America, whose blind support for President Obama and his policy of unremitting violence has enabled the continuation of the war in Afghanistan, have proven themselves to be as lacking in morality and courage as their right-wing counterparts. Their craven unwillingness to take a stand against the war should be regarded as a cause of deep shame for America. By choosing to support President Obama's unrepentant warmongering, or by choosing to say nothing, they also are choosing to support the murder of Afghan civilians by American forces.

Why have so few American voices been raised, openly and loudly, in opposition to President Obama's war in Afghanistan? Where are the American citizens who spoke out against the war in Vietnam? Where are the American citizens who spoke out against the Persian Gulf War? Where are the American citizens who spoke out against the war in Iraq? Have they all suddenly decided that, on balance, war actually is not such a bad thing after all?