Made in China

Being a middle-aged person, I can remember a time when consumer goods did not usually come from halfway around the world. Nowadays, of course, most of the things for sale in America come from far away, in particular from the People's Republic of China. Current wares do not result from the estimable activities of free citizens who belong to unions, making reliable products to be sold in their own country. Instead, most of the goods that we buy today are sent to us from distant sources, and generally result from working conditions that are brazenly unfair.

The many goods of all kinds (including American flags) that China continually sends to America are made by millions of slavish toilers who have no rights. Workers in China suffer from a twofold curse: they are oppressed by the ruthless policies of the Communist Party, a harsh dictatorship that rules China with an iron will, while also being subject to ill-use at the greedy hands of foreign capitalists who see them only as a cheap means to a corrupt end. How many Americans would readily submit themselves to being abused and exploited in the same manner?

American consumers, not being inclined to give any thought to the origin of what they buy, and having abandoned their own standards of quality long ago, are quite willing to accept the foul flood of inferior merchandise that ceaselessly pours out of Chinese sweatshops and onto the shelves of Walmart, Target, Costco, Walgreens, Best Buy, and other corporate retailers. The truth is that American consumers no longer have much choice when making a purchase. What chance would they have of finding anything that is not "Made in China"?