August 2010: The War in Iraq Is Not Over

On August 31, 2010, President Barack Obama deceitfully announced that the "combat mission" of American troops in Iraq had came to an end. It turned out, however, that at least 50,000 American troops would remain in Iraq, staying there, as President Obama obliquely stated, "to train and assist the Iraqi forces during the transition period."

In attempting to give the appearance that the war in Iraq had concluded in an honorable victory for the United States, President Obama was furthering a shameful falsehood that began with George W. Bush. He also was revealing (not for the first time) the dishonesty of his own character. Hearing those crafty words from Mr. Obama, how could anyone seriously doubt that he harbored the same warmongering purpose as Mr. Bush?

The brutal actions that have been carried out by American forces in Iraq since 2003, and the unthinking acceptance of those brutal actions by the American public, constitute an offense against humanity that is both monstrous and undeniable. As long as there are thousands of American soldiers in Iraq, violently oppressing Iraqi citizens, a state of war will continue. It is quite probable that the thoughtlessness of most Americans also will continue, as they choose to pay no heed to the evil that is done in their name.