What I Believe

As human beings, we are defined by what we believe. The following list represents a casual attempt to set forth my own beliefs:

I believe that kindness is more valuable than money.

I believe that anyone who supports a war, regardless of their age or their gender, should be sent directly into battle.

I believe that people who are affluent and comfortable also are inclined to be weak and thoughtless.

I believe that as technology becomes more and more sophisticated, it is more and more likely to diminish the humanity of those who use it.

I believe that all religions are fraudulent and harmful, but some religions are more fraudulent and more harmful than others.

I believe that private wealth can never be justified by charitable donations.

I believe that patriotism is a breeding ground of fascism.

I believe that the world would be made immeasurably safer if all guns were banished.

I believe that all people in authority are dedicated to the promotion of falsehood.

I believe that although socialism is not without defects, it still is preferable to capitalism, because capitalism is thoroughly evil.

I believe that, contrary to general opinion, choosing not to have children is considerably less selfish than choosing to have children.

I believe that doing what is required by law is not always the same as doing what is right.

I believe that as long as nations remain armed, wars will continue to happen throughout the world.

I believe that a person who can afford to put money into the stock market is a person who has too much money.

I believe that all citizens have a moral obligation to speak out, clearly and strongly, against the evil that is done by their government.

I believe that corporations should not be entitled to the same rights as human beings.

I believe that most schools are unwholesome temples of deceitful instruction, in which the open minds of children are summarily drained of imagination and purposely filled with vile foolishness.

I believe that those who are rich and powerful should never be trusted.

I believe that every act of violence leads, sooner or later, to another act of violence.

I believe that free enterprise has proven itself to be nothing more than a costly deception.

I believe that to maintain a condition of true equity, a constant regard for the truth is necessary.

I believe that no one ever became wealthy by being entirely aboveboard.

I believe that anyone who takes part in the design, construction, or sale of weapons is guilty of an unforgivable offense against mankind.

I believe that an infinite capacity for self-deception is one of the foremost elements of the American mentality.

I believe that tyranny is certain to take hold wherever and whenever people are unwilling to oppose it.

I believe that luxury can be obtained only through corrupt means.

I believe that preparing for peace is a more rational activity than preparing for war.

I believe that banks represent a brazen form of corporate thievery.

I believe that most Americans, regardless of whether they are willing to admit it or not, are strongly inclined toward a fascist outlook.

I believe that great wealth always is supported by even greater poverty.

I believe that choosing to be truthful is more honorable, and usually is much less troublesome in the long run, than choosing to tell a lie.

I believe that conformity is the first step toward servility.

I believe that if mankind is to have any hope of survival, it will be necessary to eradicate the capitalist way of life, completely and permanently, from the face of the earth.

I believe that the pursuit of wealth is an act of extreme selfishness.

I believe that fundamental change can be achieved within a nation, but only if most citizens truly want it and are willing to take bold measures to make it happen.

I believe that no amount of worldly gain can repair the damage that results when a person chooses to live without integrity.

I believe that as long as any member of the human community is deprived of food and shelter, no one else should be allowed to enjoy a life of plenty.

I believe that in the moral hierarchy of life forms, bankers should be counted among the lowest organisms.

I believe that the wanton use of violence against unarmed civilians, as repeatedly carried out by American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, should be unreservedly condemned, without exceptions or excuses.

I believe that elections are merely a crude means of fooling citizens into thinking that they actually are choosing their leaders.

I believe that the grand total of all the underhanded dealings of all the corporate institutions on Wall Street is worth far less than one moment of clear sunshine or one breath of fresh air.

I believe that the truth can be suppressed for an hour, or a day, or a year, or a lifetime, but it cannot be suppressed forever.

I believe that rebellion is the truest expression of the human spirit.

I believe that all empires, no matter how invincible they might appear to be, are destined to fall.

I believe that without freedom of thought, no other form of freedom can be attained.

I believe that the destruction of human life is absolutely wrong and should always be avoided.