American Election, November 2012: Dance of the Capitalist Tricksters

Herewith, an offering of brief reflections on the tiresome election in which Barack Obama and Mitt Romney contended with each other for the Presidency of the United States, in November, 2012:

1. Early October, 2012. On a Wednesday evening, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney appeared on television together, facing each other in the first of three meetings that are incorrectly referred to as "debates." They differed slightly in what they said, but neither of them showed any interest in debating, or even acknowledging, the serious questions that desperately need to be debated. Barack Obama looked uneasy and uncertain, while Mitt Romney came across as a cardboard knockoff of Ronald Reagan, but without the advantage of Ronald Reagan's brainless charm. Their empty discussion had less weightiness than a game show.

2. Late October, 2012. It is hard to believe that any citizen in their right mind would choose to vote for either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, but that is what millions of dutiful Americans soon will be doing. They will cast their votes with the same kind of servility that a dog displays when obeying its master, foolishly endorsing one of the two confidence men who are vying for the opportunity to oppress them and exploit them, and thereby enabling the collective delusion of democracy to continue for at least another four years.

3. Much has been made of Barack Obama being the first "black President." It so happens that Mr. Obama has dark skin, which undoubtedly provided great excitement for many of the white liberals who voted for him in 2008, but my own view is that the color of Mr. Obama's skin does not matter, one way or the other. What does matter is that Mr. Obama has shown himself to be a man without honesty or principles, a man who will say and do anything, however heinous it might be, to advance the course of his own ambition. To those Americans who regard themselves as liberals, Barack Obama is a glorious savior, or at least the "lesser of two evils," but to me, Mr. Obama represents everything that I always have hated and opposed: war, greed, and lies.

4. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are nothing more than a vulgar pair of capitalist tricksters, happily dancing to the money-grubbing tune being played by their corporate masters. Obama supposedly offers a "liberal" choice to voters, but he actually is no less conservative than Romney, although he does convey a trendier impression, which apparently is enough to beguile a considerable number of Americans. Obama and Romney both are in the crude business of selling a collection of shallow fantasies to a nation of unthinking consumers. Anyone who does not understand the essence of that particular verity, does not understand America. Democrats and Republicans, in spite of their pretense of being at odds, are actually not in a state of mutual opposition. They are merely two sides of the same falsehood.

5. As a person who advocates pacifism and socialism (in other words, I prefer peace to war, and I prefer equity to avarice), and as a person who strives to seek the truth and speak the truth, I am quite aware that my beliefs fall far outside the realm of what constitutes "comfortable" politics in America. There is nothing for me in an American election. I can only stand on the margin, being both appalled and astounded as I observe the glaring madness of the wicked process by which Americans elect their leaders. It is totally crazy and utterly fraudulent.

6. During the four years that Barack Obama has been President of the United States, his repeated use of drones in Pakistan has inevitably resulted in hundreds of civilians being killed, including nearly two hundred children. It is a grim record of willful homicide, shameful by any standard, but American liberals are likely to continue their careless support of Mr. Obama's murderous policies. Whether the liberals want to admit it or not, the truth is that a vote for Obama in 2012 is a vote in favor of killing children.

7. In America, money decides everything, including the outcome of elections. The main contenders in the election of 2012 have spent billions of dollars in their heavy-handed attempts to sway the public. Voters are treated as a commodity, for sale on the open market of unrelenting capitalism. Through the act of voting, citizens allow themselves to become hapless tools of the corporate dictatorship, and in doing so, they blithely deprive themselves of their own dignity. Citizens who entrust their fate to the tyranny of a brazen deceiver have made a deal with the devil, and they will find that there is hell to pay in the long run.

8. The history of the 21st century is being written in blood. We are living in a dreadful time of constant violence, a time in which the value of human life has fallen lower than ever. A time in which a leader such as President Obama, who has revealed himself to be a ruthless killer through his policy of using drones to wage an undeclared war against the people of Pakistan, is able to pass himself off as a man of honor and a defender of humanity. As long as thoughtless citizens are willing to vote for a known killer, there will never be an end to the killing.

9. I do not believe that any measurable degree of moral difference can be clearly established between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, in the same way that I do not believe in Santa Claus. American voters, however, are renowned for their bottomless credulity. They are devoid of reason and maturity, and they possess a childlike ability to maintain an unquestioning outlook, an outlook which enables them to believe anything, and everything, that they want to believe.

10. Tuesday, November 6, 2012, the day of the election. According to the first reports, the election still is regarded as "too close to call" (wink, wink). A close election makes a good show for the dull-witted masses. (Thrills aplenty, with hopes being dashed and widespread biting of fingernails!) Who will prevail in the mighty conflict? Which of the two unctuous millionaires who are offering their shifty services, Obama or Romney, will Americans "choose" (laughter) to be their beloved leader for the next four years? The suspense (more laughter) is unbearable!

11. Wednesday, November 7, 2012, the day after the election. Barack Obama is the "winner" of the election, and Mitt Romney is the "loser," which means four more years of Obama. It also means four more years of endless war. Four more years of corporate greed having its own way in all matters. Four more years of dishonesty and deception. Four more years of slick hypocrisy. Four more years of helpless civilians in Pakistan being killed by American drones. Four more years of detainees being held without charge at Guantanamo Bay. Four more years of human rights being abused and denied under the Patriot Act. Four more years of American liberals continuing to be weak and self-centered and thoughtless, slavishly following the malign leadership of a corrupt President.

12. Elections are useless and worthless. Nothing good ever results when a nation meekly votes for one illusion over another. Honest change can happen only when fearless citizens gather themselves and rise up, joining together to engage in a direct revolution of thought and action. The current way of doing things is completely wrong and has failed, and must be ceased entirely, to allow for the necessary formation of a new, sustainable community that is founded in truth, amity, fairness, and freedom. If we want to have a better future (if, indeed, we want to have any future at all), we must create it for ourselves.