The Evil of Wealth

These observations are offered as expressions of self-evident truth in regard to wealth and its evil properties:

An unrelenting desire for wealth is the first step on a malign path that necessarily ends in moral destruction.

Whether by "hard work," "good fortune," or any other means, no person ever is entitled to be wealthy.

The unwholesome aspects of wealth frequently are shiny and appealing, but that does not render them any less sinister.

Wealth should never be construed as anything more, or as anything less, than evidence of a stark absence of equity.

Those who actively endeavor to attain great wealth for themselves are destined to lose their humanity.

In spite of the transparent deceptions that are blithely contrived by self-serving capitalists (and easily believed by millions of fools), wealth cannot be "created," any more than an ocean can be conjured from a handful of dust.

Wealth and integrity are in perpetual opposition to each other: one can have wealth, or one can have integrity, but one cannot have both wealth and integrity.

The world contains more than enough wealth, providing it is equally shared among all people, to supply everyone with a morally acceptable standard of living, which means that, if wealthy nations were guided by a common mentality of honesty and fairness, widespread deprivation in poor nations could be remedied.

Wealthy people usually are practiced at deceiving themselves, which enables them (with no regard for reason or verity) to see their own avarice as a virtue.

The open worship of wealth is an unholy religion that compels its depraved followers to abandon themselves, knowingly and utterly, to the false gods of greed, covetousness, and selfishness.

Wealth, in the form of money (actual money, backed by reserves of gold and silver, not the worthless pieces of paper that regularly are distributed by crooked governments to disguise their unlawful dealings with larcenous corporations), is a finite thing, and cannot be made to grow, increase, or expand.

The capitalist promotion of extreme wealth as a chosen goal in life is a brazen offense against human values.

Wealth brings a surfeit of luxury, and a surfeit of luxury brings an outlook of callousness and self-justification.

All wealth carries the vile stench of corruption, because wealth itself is, fundamentally, a channel of corruption.

It is grievously wrong to be wealthy, to possess far more of everything than any person requires or deserves, while others are forced to go without the necessities of life.

The business of wealth (comprising banks, brokers, stocks, bonds, etc.) is a thoroughly vulgar undertaking whose only purpose is to enrich the few at the top, at the expense of the masses at the bottom.

Whenever wealthy people are feasting, it is certain that, somewhere, scores of helpless children are going hungry.

Every example of wealth, when viewed in the outline of its intention and the shape of its outcome, represents a shameless act of theft.