Truth and Delusion

Throughout the wretched course of history, the forces of truth usually have been harshly defeated by the forces of delusion, mainly because most people find that accepting a delusion is much easier than accepting a truth, particularly when the delusion is more appealing than the truth. In the interest of public awareness, I have compiled a brief list of straightforward examples:

(Delusion) Our leaders are upright people who can be trusted to make honest decisions in all situations.
(Truth) Our leaders are an unholy gang of heedless liars and unrepentant crooks, who would gladly deliver us into lifelong slavery without a second thought.

(Delusion) War is a worthy enterprise in which careful acts of measured bloodshed are carried out only for good purposes.
(Truth) War always is an occasion of mass murder, conceived and directed by savage madmen for their own corrupt reasons.

(Delusion) Religion is a sacred experience that brings all believers closer to a kindly God.
(Truth) Religion is an evil fantasy of false presumptions, dedicated to the mindless worship of a hateful deity.

(Delusion) Capitalism promotes equity and happiness, allowing all people to attain an enviable standard of living.
(Truth) Capitalism is a means by which huge amounts of money are put into a small number of hands, thereby creating endless poverty and perpetual suffering.

(Delusion) Comfort and convenience are pleasant qualities, worthy of being obtained at any cost.
(Truth) Comfort and convenience frequently are conducive to a feeble condition of slackness and decline.

(Delusion) Wealth is available to any person who wants it and is willing to work hard to obtain it.
(Truth) Wealth generally tends to remain in the filthy hands of the greedy people who already possess it.

(Delusion) Children are precious gifts from heaven, to be cherished, fostered, and safeguarded by the entire community.
(Truth) Children are treated as consumers from the moment of their birth, ruthlessly groomed to grow up as reckless spenders and witless shoppers.

(Delusion) Technology provides a host of benefits to humanity, enhancing our lives in ways that are new and wonderful.
(Truth) Technology cheapens and degrades the pattern of our daily lives, lessening our mental abilities and narrowing our outlook.

(Delusion) Science will solve our worst problems, leading mankind toward a future that is bright and rewarding.
(Truth) Science will push mankind toward a nightmarish realm of corporate control, in which all human considerations are excluded.

(Delusion) America is a glorious nation of high principles and wholesome values, offering freedom and democracy to all its citizens.
(Truth) America is a dishonorable nation of collective hypocrisy and depraved opinions, where the guidelines of life are shaped by avarice, brutality, repression, and fear.

(Delusion) Guns are handy and useful, bestowing a feeling of confidence and safety on those who own them.
(Truth) Guns are wicked implements of thoughtless violence, and are useful only to people who harbor a strong desire to kill.

(Delusion) Nuclear weapons are heinous devices of total destruction, but fortunately, no one would ever dare to use them.
(Truth) Nuclear weapons are intended to be used, therefore it is dangerously foolish to suppose that a nuclear conflict could never happen.