Purveyors of Murder: The Marketing of Advanced Weaponry

Our world is riven with endless violence, as can be witnessed in the armed conflicts that are sickeningly widespread in the 21st century. Depraved leaders and eager soldiers are to blame, along with the unthinking masses who carelessly lend their support to one war after another, but the guiltiest of all are the corporate dealers who make a highly lucrative business of supplying the necessary weapons. Hate and greed (and frequently, religion) usually serve as the prime causes of violent behavior, but without the hellish weapons that are provided by ruthless corporations, wars could not happen.

In the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and other regions that are blighted by constant outbreaks of dreadful strife, the same corporations supply all sides with huge stores of fearsome weapons, thereby deriving huge amounts of wealth from warfare. They are no better than hungry vultures, greedily feasting on wanton slaughter, without restraint and without pity. In addition to the many soldiers who inevitably perish, untold thousands of helpless civilians also are killed. To the corporate warmongers who ravenously prey on humanity, using the full strength of their monstrous power to promote ugly situations of bloodshed, every war is a vile opportunity for hideous gain.

According to the latest information regarding worldwide sales of arms, these are the top dozen dealers in advanced weaponry:

1. Lockheed Martin (USA)
2. Boeing (USA)
3. BAE Systems (UK)
4. Raytheon (USA)
5. General Dynamics (USA)
6. Northrop Grumman (USA)
7. Airbus Group (EU)
8. United Technologies Corporation (USA)
9. Finmeccanica (Italy)
10. L-3 Communications (USA)
11. Thales (France)
12. Leidos (USA)

(Source: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, 2012)

The corporations listed above, who enrich themselves, shamelessly and heartlessly, by brazenly marketing the savage means of bringing about the most extreme forms of pain, mayhem, and suffering, are guilty of unforgivable offenses against the laws of common morality. They are, truly and unmistakably, the worst enemies of humankind. They have only their own evil interests at heart, and they always stand ready to enable any action of harsh force, no matter how brutal, heinous, or unspeakable it might be, to further those interests. They are purveyors of murder, and they are the scum of the earth.