Overt Observations

A catchall of cantankerous comments, both irregular and insolent, offered for the casual edification of those who seek to be casually edified.

Wars happen mostly because not enough people oppose them.

Vote in an election if you want conditions to stay as they are, but if you want conditions to change, raise your voice and start a revolution.

The primary lesson that students receive in school is how not to think.

When a nation surrenders its collective integrity to the unbridled consumption of useless goods, it befouls its standing as a community of citizens.

One straightforward frown is of greater value than a thousand artificial smiles. 

An excess of money tends to result in an excess of selfishness.

Putting one's trust in the flip of a coin is a safer bet than putting one's trust in accepted institutions.

Common standards of fairness require that those who are overly prosperous must give up their advantages for the benefit of those who are in desperate need.

Technology has become the most common means of enslaving the public, having proven itself to be more effective than force or drugs.

Mockery and laughter serve as a necessary counterbalance to the pompous tyranny of religion.

The fate of our planet is in the hands of coldblooded lowlifes who are unworthy to rule over a patch of weeds.

True freedom cannot be measured by laws or decrees, and is not dependent on the brutal might of armies. 

A person who chooses to blindly abide by the false guidelines of convention has no chance of ever being truly human.

Capitalism can endure only so long as the masses are willing to submit themselves to the bondage that results from greed and debt.

People who maintain a habit of taking themselves too seriously are asking to be treated with scorn.

If corporations could extract more riches from peace than from conflict, we would be living in a peaceful world.

Progress is the means by which daily life is made to be more difficult than it actually needs to be.

It is better to live with difficult questions that cannot be answered, than to live without ever asking any questions at all.

A free market is beneficial to humanity in the same way that a tiger is beneficial to its prey.

The likelihood of our leaders honestly seeking to do the right thing is roughly akin to the likelihood of hearing a Shakespearean soliloquy performed by an armchair.

A fondness for luxury leads, always and inevitably, to the depths of perdition.

Human depravity manifests itself most frequently, and most dangerously, in the form of violence.

Only a fool, or a capitalist spin doctor, would deny that democracy and capitalism are fundamentally opposed to each other.

As handheld devices increasingly become smarter than the people who hold them, the future begins to appear less human.

An oppressor cannot maintain the illusion of absolute power without the assistance, willing or otherwise, of those who are being oppressed.

Beware of people who are inclined to think unduly well of themselves.

Peace can never be achieved through war for the same reason that love can never be achieved through hate.

In a world that is governed by the ruthless activities of business executives, the rarest commodity of all is honesty.

The distance between any two galaxies is considerably less than the distance between what most people claim to believe and what they privately think.

Corporate thieves have taken untold wealth from the earth, giving nothing worthwhile in return, and someday we all shall have grievous cause to regret their thievery.

Those who climb high on the backs of others have the furthest to fall.

As long as the number of dutiful followers in the world greatly exceeds the number of thoughtful objectors, the principle of liberty will be in jeopardy.

Taking into account the current figures regarding the incidence of divorce, one must conclude that getting married is easier than staying married.

Given a choice between equity for all people or comfort for themselves, capitalists always will choose comfort for themselves.

The truth in any situation generally is not hard to discern, provided that one knows how to look.

A life without rebellion is, at best, no more than a life of dull servility.

The world is filled with many kinds of villainy, but the only thing that is more villainous than being a millionaire is being a billionaire.

A single flower contains more wisdom than all the books of philosophy that have ever been written. 

Although the ongoing threat of nuclear warfare is given little heed nowadays, it remains certain that, sooner or later, humankind will render itself extinct.

Heaven, as imagined in the compliant minds of devout believers, is a pleasant state of eternal conformity.