Donald Trump: True Voice of America?

Donald Trump is a dimwitted billionaire who wants to be the next President of the United States. Having made a showy name for himself as a heavy-handed businessman, and having also achieved a perverse renown through his frequent appearances on television, he now has chosen, in a suitably graceless manner, to offer his questionable leadership to the American people. It is a most unwelcome prospect, and one that strikes a rational mind as being, in equal measure, both laughable and dreadful. Only in America, where the slightest degree of intellect is apt to be narrowly regarded as cause for suspicion by many citizens, could such a vulgar figure be taken seriously as a potential leader.

The evil that Donald Trump signifies is bold and unmistakable. As a representation of utter foulness, he leaves little to the imagination. He is greedy, selfish, dishonest, and overbearing. He is a fraud, a racist, a fascist, and a warmonger. He is so full of himself, so dangerously swollen with the noisome fumes of his own unrepentant bombast, that he seems likely to burst at any moment. To his empty-headed supporters, he is the only person who can restore America to former greatness and defend it against its countless enemies. To his weak-kneed detractors, he is an annoying distraction from the accepted hypocrisies of American life. To an impartial observer, he is a blot on humanity.

Even if Donald Trump (who is running as a Republican, not that it matters) should fail in his clumsy desire to become President, he will have succeeded in unleashing the vile contagion of a brutish mentality that, while easy to condemn, is considerably harder to dismiss, for the moral ugliness that Donald Trump vigorously manifests is, undoubtedly, the moral ugliness of America itself. It is an ugliness that transcends the childish foolery of elections. It is an ugliness that grows and abides and will not go away. When America looks at Donald Trump, is America actually looking at its own reflection? Could it be that the malicious voice of Donald Trump is, after all, the true voice of America?