To Hell with All Warmongers

In more than sixty years on this planet, I have seen too many wars. Never close at hand, as my mother did in England during the Second World War, but at a distance. However, even when seen at a distance, observed only through the daily news, war always is a sickening nightmare. Now, in the final weeks of 2015, after years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, further violence (from the United States, the United Kingdom, and France) is being directed at the inhabitants of Syria, supposedly in response to pressing threats of "terrorism." (When seeking to explain the purpose of a war that is eagerly desired, any falsehood, no matter how lame or stale or transparent it might be, will suffice.)

Humanity has fallen into a desperate pattern of worldwide brutality. Armed conflict has become a permanent condition in the 21st century. One person strikes out at another person. One army does battle with another army. One nation declares war on another nation. On and on and on, from one year to the next and from one decade to the next, the hateful cycle dreadfully proceeds, with thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people, mostly civilians without any hope of escape, being coldly slaughtered by the monstrous weapons of low-minded leaders who recklessly do as they please, answering only to themselves.

Is this to be our future? Is this to be the only course ahead? Is this to be the inevitable fortune of our kind? Conflict after conflict after conflict, with no chance of the wanton bloodshed ever being ceased? One willful mistake causing another willful mistake, one act of murder causing another act of murder, one preparation for war causing another preparation for war, until at last every helpless person in every helpless nation has been slain, and nothing else remains but a bottomless well of unremitting horror? Would that be enough to satisfy the remorseless promoters of wholesale homicide?

How much longer will the hideous depravity of war be permitted? How much longer, in particular, will the citizens of wealthy nations allow their leaders to wage war against the citizens of poor nations? In the urgent struggle to prevent the hardhearted warmongers who rule the world from achieving their apparent aim of unrestrained destruction, there can be no middle ground, no assured region of comfort, and no excuse for displaying a lack of interest or a lack of concern. Any person who refrains from taking a clearheaded stand against the spread of war must be regarded as being either foolish or evil.

The earnest voice of a solitary person is a small thing, unlikely to be heard above the perpetual din of worldly madness, but I shall raise my voice nevertheless. I say to hell with all warmongers. I say to hell with all their self-serving justifications, and to hell with all their repugnant intentions. I behold all warmongers in the harsh light of truth, not as they wish to be seen, but in the full depth of their rampant wickedness. I loathe them, I abhor them, I despise them, I denounce them, I excoriate them, I curse them. I refuse to be taken in by their worn-out lies. I am resolved to oppose them, for as long as there is at least one spark of life within me.