Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump: A Choice Between Two Undeniable Evils

In November, 2016, Americans will be offered an opportunity to "choose" between Hillary Clinton (running as a "Democrat") and Donald Trump (running as a "Republican"), both of whom aspire to be the next President of the United States. The awkward problem for those who might be inclined toward at least several moments of sober thought is that, when viewed from a perspective of straightforward honesty, both aspirants can, without difficulty, be discerned as being mildly different in the sum of their superficial qualities, but completely equivalent in the totality of their fundamental rottenness.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have, for many decades, dedicated the whole of their unsavory activities to the relentless pursuit of money and power. Both are cunning dissemblers, driven entirely by overweening self-interest. Both have repeatedly proven themselves to be corrupt and untrustworthy. Both are committed to upholding the filthy structure of capitalist tyranny. Both are closely allied with the corporate bloodsuckers of Wall Street. Both are eager promoters of war and weaponry. Both are ruthless enemies of common humanity.

The forthcoming festival of American illusion, in which millions of compliant voters will be put through their paces and strongly encouraged to "decide" between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, actually is nothing more than a false choice: the particular kind of choice, shallow and foolish and degrading, that only a weak nation of feeble citizens, continually given to a blithe avoidance of the truth and collectively possessed of a thoroughly craven mentality, would ever be willing to accept. It is merely a choice between two undeniable evils, with neither of them being lesser than the other.