King Donald Ascends to His Throne

As Donald Trump ascends to his throne, having confounded his many foes to become the new President of the United States, he enters the White House in the heavy-footed manner of a depraved monarch entering a palace of evil, mindlessly certain of his own greatness and bluntly determined to enforce his loutish will on America. His brutal victory betokened the end of one way of doing things, and the beginning of another way: voters choosing to be consumed by flames, rather than choosing to be drowned in a flood. The future of King Donald's unstable nation, as he clumsily moves to assume its leadership, can be projected only within a doleful context of queasy apprehension.

Hillary Clinton, strongly favored by the current guardians of American capitalism to be the incoming figurehead of their corporate power, appeared to take it for granted that, after a lifetime of steely ambition and shameful dealings, she now was entitled to be the next President, but, as it turned out after all the votes had been cast and counted, she was wrong. For her followers, the obeisant subjects of would-be Queen Hillary, her stark defeat was a heavy blow which knocked them sideways. No more would they be able to go on their merry way, as foolish and as superficial as always. No more would they be able to declare to themselves that all was well in their false world. No more would they be able to pretend that their comfortable dream was going to last forever.

Millions of irrational citizens supported Hillary Clinton with their votes in the dirty election of November, 2016. They endorsed, and thereby embraced, the profound corruption that she represented. They did so because they had permitted themselves, quite heedlessly, to be hoodwinked into believing that, faced with the prospect of Donald Trump becoming President, they had "no choice" but to accept Hillary Clinton as their new leader. Having thus been slyly coerced, they blithely assured themselves that they were doing the "right thing," and therefore were completely absolved (at least until the next election) of any further obligations that might pertain to either citizenship or humanity.

After eight years of Barack Obama as President (eight years in which greedy corporations flourished, American drones were regularly used to kill civilians in foreign conflicts, and the number of guns in America increased by an alarming proportion), Donald Trump may offer a disposition that is markedly different, but beyond his temperament, he is unlikely to make any worthwhile changes, and therein lies the most heinous threat that results from his ascension. King Donald will ensure (as Hillary Clinton also would have done) that America maintains its headlong course of avarice, violence, and recklessness. A deeply unwise course that, sooner or later, is bound to end in misery for all of us, most particularly for the masses who are allowed no say in their own destiny.